At 3PeeL, as a brand you have zero risk to search with us, because there is zero cost.

It’s free to utilize 3PeeL to do a custom 3PL Match
for premium fulfillment, storage,
transportation, & warehousing options. 
There are no service charges – at all.

$0 fee

Frequently asked questions

As a brand a 3PL matching is done for free. There is no exchange of money at all – look we don’t even have a payment/login section on our website. There are no monetary transactions done with brands.

We only ask that you do not use another 3PL matchmaking company at the same time, as it can cause attribution issues. The same way you only use 1 real estate agent at a time to search for a home. 

No. We think the results will be motivating enough by themselves, the majority of inquiries result in a match. However, if you change your mind or find a 3PL on your own, of course you are free to go whatever direction the wind takes you in.

If you decide to partner with a 3PL that we picked out for you as a great fit, then the 3PL themselves pays us  a small referral fee as a thank you.

The 3PL search can be lengthy and drawn out over weeks, if not months. We reduce that time to just 5 business days on average. Plus there is no need to correspond individually with dozens of 3PLs. And cherry on top: our 3PLs are the best (or we wouldn’t be recommending them), so there’s no need to gamble with your investment.

There isn’t one. Connectors are a tale as old as time, and every industry needs them to result in mutually beneficial outcomes: Real estate, entertainment, restaurants, medical services just to name a few, are other industries that utilize matchmakers of sorts – to pair services through industry experts with the end users.

Use 3PeeL and discover the best 3PLs in the world, with no effort.