Logistics Matchmaking

Looking to find a 3PL who can match your rate of growth?

So, you’re a brand. 
And you’ve got everything covered except fulfillment.

Been packing and shipping out of your garage for far too long? Have a current partner who’s just not cutting it? Looking to find a 3PL who can match your rate of growth?

Not sure where to start?

That’s why we’re here. After listening to your unique needs, our experts pair you with some of our top picks from the world of 3PLs – they’ve been fully interviewed to ensure maximum quality. So you essentially get a logistics partner who fits your profile.

A Sommelier of the logistics world…kind of.

We take into consideration your: budget, location, retail vertical, growth, specifications, marketplaces, tech stack, and everything else you can dream of.

Our partners can help with things like

Pick & Pack Domestic & International

Competitive Shipping Rates

Kitting + Special Requests

Temperature Controlled Storage (including Frozen & Cold)

FBA & FBM Prep

Customization / Personalization (embroidery, engraving)

Lot Tracking & Expiration Date checks

HAZMAT & Bulky Storage and Shipping

Call Center Outsourcing

Drayage, Freight, and LTL White Glove Deliveries

Select from a chosen few, No obligation or cost

At 3PeeL we typically match a brand with a few 3PLs that will suit them best (quality over quantity!). We can assist with the RFP/quote process and make a direct introduction to ensure that all of your questions get answered. Essentially, we are a hand holder for the entire process.

The best part? It’s totally free for our brands.

This no cost service is powered by a small commission that 3PeeL gets directly from the partners themselves. You have no obligation to use our recommendations, and nothing keeps you tied to us. We know you’ll organically find the best partners through us, so we’re confident in our promise to deliver that.